Englebart's Augmenting Human Intellect

Douglas Englebart was a true visionary in the world of computers. The fact that he was able to predict so much about the capability of computers (what computers are to us today) at such an early time period is simply amazing. He saw the computer as a tool to “augment” human comprehension and/or understanding on a number of different levels. He foresaw this technology benefitting a broad array of different professional fields, including attorneys, diplomats, executives, social and physical scientists. According to Englebart, the computer would provide greater insight and thus give us a better understanding and also give us speedier solutions to problems. Englebart saw endless possibilities for the future of computers.  Englebart wrote this in 1962, a time when computers were looked at as tools for simple computations.  Englebart saw computers as personal aids in the development of mankind; and for that I admire him.

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