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February 23, 2010: The Day I Joined Flickr

February 23, 2010

So I just officially joined flickr today. I followed flickr’s three step process to getting started which helped to explain a lot about what each accessory was and what it would do. I find it interesting how personal you can make your flickr account and how each person can see your site differently depending on how close of a relationship you have with them over flickr. It just goes to show you how the personal side of social networking is an ever-evolving process. So far I’ve personalized my flickr, uploaded a picture from this weekend and searched for friends on flickr; I think thats good for now.  Find me at:

PS. Also today I began following DailyShoot on twitter.


My Digital Story

February 16, 2010

For my digital story I’m thinking about talking about my little brothers’ band and their progression over the last couple of years. I think this would be good for my digital story because they have a plethora of different media on the web such a songs, videos and pictures.

Storytelling; Emergence of a New Genre

February 11, 2010

I’ve definitely enjoyed reading the last couple of articles regarding Web 2.0 tools. What I found most interesting about this particular article was the idea of microcontent and social media. Earlier, I skimmed through Chris Anna’s blog about the topic, and enjoyed his reference to the 90’s internet. It helped me better understand what Alexander and Levine were describing when referring to microcontent (small bits of information within a website combining with other bits to form the architectural make up of a website). And yes Chris, I remember those boring websites with about as much charm as an old hooker. And the guestbooks? HA! Don’t get me started. Something I never really thought about until reading this was how drastically the internet has changed since the 1990’s. What was once just page after page of information is now a social and media outlet to everyone. The internet went from being a way of obtaining information to a way of sharing it; aka it became personal. Another thing I thought was VERY interesting was the “50+ Ways” section a la the Mary Poppins trailer. I never in my wildest dreams would have ever thought, or known, that Mary Poppins could convincingly come across as a horror film. Another thing I liked was the idea of twitter and how they have a characteristic limit, which in turn makes people get straight to the point, and its followers can obtain the important information, excluding the fluff. (I know I’m a little all over the place, but bare with me.) Twitter is so fascinating to me because you can learn about someone’s life as it’s ACTUALLY happening; on an hourly basis, where as before you wouldn’t get that kind of information until after that person’s life was over. It’s all a little overwhelming for me as you can see. LOL!

Tommy Boy (1995)

February 9, 2010


Me Stealing My Brother's Girlfriend

February 4, 2010


Shake It – Cunningham Brother's Version

February 2, 2010

>>>CLICK HERE>>> Shake It is a music video my brothers and I made this past summer with some family friends who came to visit us from Oklahoma.  Every summer, when they come to visit, we make a music video.  It’s kind of like a tradition.  There are other videos we have that I’ll think about posting later, but this is our latest project.  Enjoy!

ps. this is an original song from Metro Station (to avoid a lawsuit when my website explodes).

What is Web 2.0???

February 2, 2010

In the article O’Reilly presents the seven features that he believes are principle to Web 2.0. He does a great job of establishing the differences between what was Web 1.0 and the current Web 2.0 service. When he was talking about Google as a form of collective intelligence, I thought it was intriguing how he referred to it as a “middleman” or “enabler.” I never thought of Google search in that light. I also thought it was interesting how he saw wikipedia as an “experiment on trust.” Further on in the article, O’Reilly makes the case that “if a site relies on advertising to get the word out, it isn’t Web 2.0.” We see examples of this in Facebook and other social networking sites to which I have NEVER seen an advertisement for. When I was reading about RSS and everything that had to offer, it reminded me of the process of twitter. RSS was the first to allow one to subscribe to a page and then in turn get notifications every time that page changes. I wasn’t sure if there was any real connection there, but I definitely saw some similarities. Another thing the caught my eye was the permalink; which was the first successful attempt to build bridges between weblogs. All of these systems had a part in the development of social networking which is relevant to me because I spend so much of my time using social networks. I think Dan Gilmore sums Web 2.0 the best when calling it “we the media,” referring to the users dictating it as oppose to “a few people in the back room, deciding what’s important.”

Bored In Class

February 2, 2010

Bored in Class