Day of Grandpa Loren's Birth

As I mentioned in the first post, Grandpa Loren was born on July 26, 1916 in Iowa (where he would live the majority of his life). He was born with a twin brother named Warren and the delivery period was anything but smooth. It is uncertain as to what the complications were but I do believe it was not so uncommon a thing to have miscarriages in those days, especially involving twins. The knowledge and technology we have today is light-years ahead of what they were working with back then.
It was a warm summer’s day on the farm. The family and neighbors had all gathered in the house to assist in the delivery. My Great Grandmother Carrie May was struggling. It could have been due to the stress of the two babies fighting to get out of her petite, 4’10” frame. Maybe it was the unbearable heat she was feeling in her un-air-conditioned farmhouse. Regardless of her undesirable conditions, she hung in there like a soldier. Unfortunately, Warren did not survive the delivery but thankfully my grandpa did!

Grandpa Loren came out of his mother’s womb alive, but barely. It wasn’t until next-door neighbor Annie Flint thought to give him a nip of her whiskey that he started breathing. I just came to find out that Grandpa’s middle initial “A” was what his parents decided on to honor Annie Flint for saving his life. What a remarkable story!

Grandpa Loren as a baby

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