Grandpa Loren's Childhood

According to the 1925 census, in which Grandpa Loren would have been eight years old, Grandpa lived with his dad (48), mom (46), brothers; Russell (21), Elwood (19), Virgil (17), and Kenneth (13); and sister Bonnie who was twelve at the time. According to Grandpa’s journal, he remembers two or three beds in his bedrrom where he and his four brothers slept. Bonnie had her own room since she was the only girl living with them at the time.

The first present Grandpa remembered receiving was a hobby horse (stuffed horse head on a wooden stick). Other toys he remembered playing with as a child were a coaster wagon, tricycle, and Lincoln Logs. Some of his favorite games were hide and seek, follow the leader and guessing games. His favorite book was none other than the infamous “Alice in Wonderland.” He also loved reading stories about cowboys, Indians, and horses. Growing up on a farm, Grandpa Loren had many pets such as rabbits, pigeons and a few dogs. In 1922, his parents gave him a Pony he later named “Dolly Dimple.”

In his journal Grandpa Loren remembers his two-room schoolhouse; one room for 1st through 3rd graders and the other for 4th through 6th. After school, “I usually hurried home to play with my pony,” Grandpa Loren said in his journal. Grandpa Loren never really received an allowance of any sort from his parents because he grew up on a farm around the time of the depression, so as you can imagine, money was very tight. “I learned how to be happy with very little,” Grandpa said in his journal. During the summers, Grandpa would take camping trips with his family. “Dad would rent a large tent and the whole family would camp for a week or two every summer.

Grandpa Loren had a large extended family growing up. Growing up in a small town, he was very close with all of them. He recalled being closest with his parents, four brothers, two sisters and Uncle Smith. Being the youngest, Grandpa probably got a lot of his parenting came from his older siblings. My grandpa seemed to have only fond memories of his mother. “For as long as I can remember, my brothers and I called her ‘the little Bible-preaching Quaker lady”; she was only 4’11”. Of his father, Grandpa remembered him as being a great horseman in regards to training and using work horses. He won many prizes in pulling contests.

Here’s 4 year old Grandpa Loren in 1920!
Grandpa Loren at age 4

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