Grandma Darlyne

(Left to Right) Dad, Kathy, Grandpa, Grandma, and Joanna in 1983

After all the kids had grown up and moved to far off places, Grandpa and Grandma decided to buy a small travel trailer home. They took trips to California to visit Kathy and her family. They would also visit my mom and dad who were living in Alexandria, Virginia. They especially loved to visit Florida, and eventually bought a permanent home in Orlando.

Grandpa and Grandma in front of their home in Florida (1986)

In 1983 Grandma Darlyne became ill. The Florida doctors didn’t think it was anything serious but Grandpa felt compelled to go to Alexandria and see a doctor there. After seeing the doctors at the Mount Vernon Hospital (five minutes from where I grew up) it was discovered that Grandma Darlyne had colon cancer. She had surgery at Mount Vernon and stayed with my mom and dad while she recuperated. After they thought the cancer had gone into remission they went back to Florida, only for it to come back in 1986. It was then they decided to move to Minneapolis, Minnesota to be close to Joanna and Kathy. Grandpa did all he could to take care of Grandma while she was ill. My Aunt Joanna tells it best:

“He was very much at her side, very supportive and tried to help any way he could. During one of Mom’s stay in the hospital, I remember Dad coming up to her, and they began to dance a little 2-step together. Their movements were graceful and in perfect harmony. I was so surprised. I had never seen them dance before. They were definately reliving their early years together, right there in the hospital room. It’s probably the most precious memory I have of them.”

Grandma Darlyne passed away in November of 1988, less than a year before I was born.


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